$30.2MM Retail Recapitalization | Las Vegas, NV

Structured and arranged long-term fixed-rate senior debt to recapitalize a 31,000-square-foot shopping center next to the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The closing had stalled with a potential lender and the existing financing was coming due shortly. Most of the leases had less than a year of seasoning, making it difficult to count percentage rent. Furthermore, historical billboards were difficult to calculate due to gaps in operating history.


Advised client to switch lenders and focus on fixed-rate vs. floating-rate debt due to ability to structure holdbacks for remaining vacancy. Doing so increased proceeds, decreased the rate and removed interest rate fluctuation risk for the anticipated long-term ownership. The convinced lender that annualizing actual trailing operations was supportable due to the centers proximity to the Hard Rock casino across the street. Consulted borrower to sign a one-year fixed rent lease for the billboards, enabling lender to include said operational revenue into its sizing calculation.

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Alexei Muniak


Mr. Muniak joined Eyzenberg & Company in 2022 to focus on debt and equity originations in his newly adopted home of South Florida.

Mr. Muniak is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Makal Equities, a real estate investment firm specializing in multifamily, industrial and retail property in Southern California and New York. He invested, sourced, and underwrote all commercial development and investment opportunities during this time. Furthermore, Mr. Muniak’s previous position as Managing Director at a Family Office in New York allowed him to develop his skills as he increasingly became involved in all aspects of fundraising and deploying the fund’s investment mandate. In his career to date he has invested, sourced, and underwrote commercial development and investment contracts, exceeding 100 million dollars.

Furthermore, Mr. Muniak is a Board Member and shareholder of the Mangia Hospitality Group in New York, where he oversees all aspects of fundraising, including the Group’s investment mandates. As a strategic dealmaker, Mr. Muniak is responsible for retail acquisitions & new developments and acts as a liaison with City and State Government bureaus. Due to his established reputation as a key player in the real estate and hospitality industry, Mr. Muniak has managed to build a wide portfolio of bicoastal projects and has worked closely with top developers, entrepreneurs, and restaurateurs nationwide.

Originally from New York City, Mr. Muniak graduated from Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island, and completed his graduate Business certificate in Sydney, Australia. He is a long-time martial artist and a philanthropist.



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