$33.2MM Multifamily Acquisition | Denver, CO

Structured and arranged joint venture equity to capitalize the acquisition of a 116-unit multifamily portfolio in Denver, CO. 


The off-market opportunity had a TOE closing date coinciding with the year-end holiday season. A multi-tiered equity structure created further complexities to coordinate a closing. Additionally, a potential timing gap for part of the equity created uncertainty for timing a seamless close.

$33.2MM Multifamily Acquisition | Denver, CO


Eyzenberg & Company presented the opportunity to a long-standing Family Office relationship that quickly met with the sponsor and did a site visit to ascertain the viability of the transactions. Contingency structures were created, to back stop a potential timing funding gap, including bridge equity and/or structured call options. Ultimately the Family Office provided promotable LP equity to fill out the capital stack allowing for a successful close.

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