$40MM Multifamily Recapitalization | Woodbridge, IL

Structured and arranged a bridge loan to recapitalize a 304-unit, 216, 800-square-foot, garden rental community situated on 32.5 acres of land in Woodridge, Illinois.


Client was seeking to repatriate capital prior to completing a value-add turnaround strategy, prompting the need to max proceeds coupled with a cash-out component. Furthermore, a multiparty ownership structure created complexities in meeting lenders balance sheet requirements.

$40MM Multifamily Recapitalization | Woodbridge, IL


Conducted a comprehensive marketing process to identify a lender willing to provide an immediate cash-out option and future earn-out mechanics as the property operations continued to improve. Negotiated alternative structures and amounts to prop up bad boy carve-out guarantees. A last-minute ask to adjust interest rate cap pricing benefited borrower with substantial savings.

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