$80MM Multifamily Recapitalization | Port Orange, FL

Eyzenberg & Company arranged a unitranche preferred equity and senior debt package to effectuate the pay off of a general partner buy a foreign limited partner on a mid-lease up multifamily property in Port Orange, FL.


The general partner was seeking to exit a completed development mid-lease up while the limited partner desired to complete the stabilization of the property and hold until a less volatile capital markets environment. Since the limited partner has no domestic assets, they were not able to directly provide the balance sheet requirements necessary to secure a new senior loan with the GP. Furthermore, a rising interest environment coupled with escalating operating costs was making it harder to qualify for the requisite financial metrics. The closing was very time sensitive as the expiring interest reserve on the original construction loan would have triggered carry guarantees for the general partner.


Eyzenberg & Company presented the opportunity to a very limited pool of preferred equity providers who had the structural capability of also providing balance sheet guarantees necessary to qualify for a senior loan. After a broader placement process for bridge financing a revised strategy entailed levering down the senior loan, allowing for a bank execution and getting a second tranche of preferred equity at a fixed cost so that the blended WACC was equivalent to a CLO execution without having to deal with potential structural pitfalls of securitized documentation. All due diligence and closing requirements were coordinated directly since the limited partner was in a different time zone overseas. Analytical, structuring and negotiation support was provided for a partnership buyout, a revised operating agreement and loan documentation.

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