$95MM Multifamily Leasehold Development | Bonita Springs, FL

Eyzenberg & Company structured a ground lease and appointed a developer for a 10-arce, 500,000+ square foot 400-unit multifamily property, located in Bonita Springs Florida.


The landowner was master planning a 68-acre mixed-used site and was seeking an alternative structure to monetize the various components of the development. Though the optionality of converting land into a fixed income asset via a ground lease was appealing, the suburban location on the west coast of Florida was perceived to be a deterrent to the structure.

$95MM Multifamily Leasehold Development | Bonita Springs, FL


Eyzenberg & Company conducted a broad marketing process focused on experienced multifamily developers. To better access a broader market, other intermediaries were invited to present the opportunity to their client base. A ground lease was structured such that potential future economic ambiguity was minimized thus creating an attractive development opportunity for would be builders. Potential bidders and their capital partners were educated on the ground lease structure and its inherent benefits. Ultimately a leasehold developer was selected and all of the lessors desired business terms were achieved.


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